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What Is Event Speaker Timer?


Event Speaker Timer is a time management app that helps you organize and consolidate your time for any seminar or conference.

Event Speaker Timer provides the

ability to create custom presets

for any individual, future event,

or repeating event.

Event Speaker Timer is your

go to time management

application for any speech, presentation, show, seminar, conference, etc.

Clock Timer

Manual Input Controls

Use a keyboard to input time, then press Set to confirm or Reset to start over

Sends Clock Timer to external display

Sends Computer Clock to external display

Only displays minutes and seconds

(Hours must be set to "00")

Change external display background

Select Custom Presets

Custom Events Time Indicator


Displays time in hours,

minutes, and seconds

Use up and down arrow buttons to input time

Option to count up or down

Adjust font manually

Automatically sizes font to screen (recommended)

Change Background Color

Change Font Color

Load Background Image

Create Custom Presets

Event Description

Let us know what you think!

Help us improve Event Speaker Timer Pro, leave us your feedback or report any bugs or issues you have experienced.

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